(a) Investment Interests

(b) Space Rental

(c) Equipment rental

(d) Personal services and management contracts

(e) Sale of practice

(f) Referral services

(g) Warranties

(h) Discounts

(i) Employees

(j) Group purchasing organizations

(k) Waiver of beneficiary coinsurance and deductible amounts

(l) Increased coverage, reduced cost-sharing amounts, or reduced premium amounts offered by health plans

(m) Price reductions offered to health plans

(n) Practitioner recruitment

(o) Obstetrical malpractice insurance subsidies

(p) Investments in group practices

(q) Cooperative hospital service organizations

(r) Ambulatory surgical centers

(s) Referral agreements for specialty services

(t) Price reductions offered to eligible managed care organizations

(u) Price reductions offered by contractors with substantial financial risk to managed care organizations

(v) Ambulance replenishing

(w) Health centers

(x) Electronic prescribing items and services

(y) Electronic health records items and services